Patriots VS Bengals – First play of the game

This was an Important game for the Patriots. After a short week which started on monday night against the Kansas City Chiefs where the Patriots had a bad loss which had a lot people questioning the future of BRady and Belichick. The Patriots had not looked like the Patriots of during that point of the season. With an ever shifting OL after the trade of Logan Mankins the team had struggled on offense. They had trouble in both the running and passsing game. This is the first play against the Bengals, and a play that set the tone of a physical game where Stevan Ridley had 27 carries. 

This is the first play of the game.  The Bengals show a 4-3 defensive against the  Patriots 21(2rb, 1te, 2,wr) personnel with tight doubles left and tight end to the right.

The Bengals show a zone coverage look with the corners having an angle – and their eyes – towards the QB instead of to the receiver and lining up at a depth of 4-5 yards from line of scrimmage.

Pats vs Bengals

Before the play the outside WR  is motioned across the formation. He is not followed by a defender, with also hints towards zone coverage.
When the play starts the offensive line all attack forward, showing a run play. The tight end (Hoomanawanui) stays in to block the end. The FB(Develin) and RB(Ridley) shows a run in the middle with Develin going directly to the left B gap and Brady faking to Ridley who is going middle right and cutting towards the left B gap.

Untitled picture2

The run blocks by the OL and play action makes the linebackers read run, and they attack the line of scrimmage.

Untitled picture

Here we can see how the Bengals play a 3 deep zone coverage with the RCB and the safeties covering the deep zones. The middle and left outside linebacker are responsible for the hook zones. The right outside linebacker and the LCB are responsible for curl to flat.

Untitled picture3

Brandon LaFell, the WR to the left, runs a deep curl route which opens up because of the deep responsibility of his defender, and the underneath linebackers getting drawn to the line because of the play action.

Edelman, the right WR, runs a seam route with an inside release on the corner. He splits the two deep zones to the right. Forcing the safety having the middle deep zone to respect Edelmans side of the field.

James Develin, the fullback, runs out in the flat after faking a block.

This play was good design and good execution. The offensive line and running backs did a solid job at selling the run which opened up the deep pass. Because of the play action Brady gets a wide open passing lane to LaFell.

Here we also see the clean pocket that Brady have. He has the time to let LaFell get 20 yards deep without having to move around in the pocket. Something that has been a problem during the season. But the new line up of Solder – Connolly – Stork – Wendell – Vollmer seemed to handle to the Bengals line fairly well. Giving Brady more time than in he has had in previous games.

Untitled picture4

Picture credits: NFL Gamepass


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